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This is one of the most remembered days for FEM members because we have won the championship of KITA Soccer Tournament!

Sport is a medium to get all people together. Hence, sport activities are periodically organized so as to strengthen the relationship among factories employees. Naturally, soccer game (In Malaysia, soccer is commonly known as football) is one of the “Cannot-be-missed” activities because Malaysians are the same as the rest of the world, which are so deeply in love with soccer game.

When the first KITA soccer game was kicked off in the year 2006, FEM employees aimed to become the champion of the tournament. However, we didn’t make it. A year later, the dream became a reality by the best soccer players of FEM! Headed by Mr. Aminudin, the team consists of 24 technicians from Media and Substrate operations. These team players have shown their ability to work effectively with others not only in production line but also on the field.

During the game, we played against many strong teams. Nonetheless, our experienced players managed to defeat our greatest rival—Silterra, who was greatly in favor of soccer supporters, in the final game with result of 2-1!

FEM team manager, Mr. Rahim (HR Dept.) and the two coaches, Mr. Norazdrysham (Engineering Dept.) and Mr. Ahmad Ishak (Substrate Dept.) have faith that FEM soccer team will make another champion next year.


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