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Abreast with the rapid growing significance of the evolving media and semiconductor industries on global stage, human intellectual capital has become the defining factor in order to sustain the performance and competitiveness of Fuji Electric Malaysia in the market. Thus, we have placed a strong focus on human capital development among Fuji Electric's employees.

At Fuji Electric Malaysia, we offer a series of training and development programs for incumbent employees. The programs range from education, seminar, technical training, management skill and research collaboration with local universities. We provide different levels of programs that best suit the need of incumbents such as Microsoft Tool Application courses for administrative staff, statistics and six sigma courses for technicians and engineers, and leadership seminar for management executives.

Every year, we allocated million of Ringgit for sending knowledge seekers to academic institutions, public training centers, even abroad to Japan for seminars and knowhow transfer at headquarters and manufacturing sites. Besides sending our employees offshore, we also strongly engage technical experts from headquarters and affiliated companies so to provide on the job training to our local employees at company expense.

We believe human capital is the most valuable asset to the company, although there are disputes among scholars and pragmatic practitioners of the actual value created by human capital investment. Nevertheless, we earnestly think that when the technology is of no disparity between rivals in the industry, human asset is the core element that makes us stand out among others.


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