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Hard Disk Drive
3.5inch vs 2.5inch
Longitudinal Magnetic
  Recording (LMR)
Perpendicular Magnetic
  Recording (PMR)
Insulated Gate Bipolar
  Transistor (IGBT)

Hard Disk Drive

A magnetic disk consists of several layers formed consecutively on the substrate. These layers include an under layer, an intermediate layer, a magnetic layer, a protective layer and a lubricant layer.

The performance of magnetic disks is determined by a combination of advanced technologies such as thin film control technology, which is the basis for the magnetic layer; ultra precise substrate grinding technology; texturing technology, which controls surface roughness; and clean processing technology, which eliminates impurities down to the level of gas elements

Fuji’s control technologies with angstrom-level accuracy on each process first enable high-density recording. Magnetic disks installed in hard disk drives (HDDs) are key devices for recording, playing and storing digital data.

Large-capacity magnetic disks play an important role in a ubiquitous society where people can use and enjoy large-volume information, images, music and games using a variety of small, mobile terminals.


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